The Link Between Us: Rebooting the Blog

SkywardSwordCaseAfter a long hiatus from our Zelda blog, John and I are rebooting our blog with a more engaging strategy. Initially, John had proposed we play through the Zelda games in the order they were released. At first it didn’t seem so bad, but it was tough to go from Skyward Sword graphics and developed storyline to the Legend of Zelda on Nintendo graphic. At that  point, it was Game. Over.

But tonight John surprised me by agreeing to replay Skyward Sword. Not only that, but we would play through according to timeline. This had way more appeal to me, so it was  game on!

Admittedly, this was a tough game the first time we played it four years ago. Flying the bird around Skyloft was the cause behind the first time I threw the controller at John. I loved the game except for the bird because I would get so flustered and frustrated. For years I would tell John that Skyward Sword would be my favorite Zelda game, had it not been for the bird. But about 6 months ago, and quite randomly, I decided to give it another go on my own.

You can read the full blog post here.


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