“Walking Dead: Season 1” Made Me Cry

John and I have been playing a ton of great video games lately. I’ll definitely be blogging about them, but for this post, I’d like to talk about “Walking Dead: Season 1.” We recently finished the game and it was incredible.

At first I wasn’t so sure about this game. It was super cartoony and hard for me to take seriously for the first 5 minutes. But then the story developed and…well, wow.

The main character in the story is Lee Everett, a college professor in Atlanta heading to prison after recently being convicted of killing his wife’s lover when the Zombie apocalypse strikes. He has no clue what caused it or how it happened, he can only react and do his best to survive. This was enough to keep my interest, but it’s the relationship he forms with a very young girl named Clementine early in the game that sucked me in.

The most fascinating part of the game is the freedom to choose your dialogue in the game, which in turn can affect relationships with other characters and change how the game actually plays out for you. It’s very similar to the Mass Effect Series, but Telltale games took the concept to a whole new level. The options you have range from good intentioned to very dark. Some of the options made me question if I was actually capable of those choices in real life, making me scared to select them for fear it would reveal that I am capable of such darkness…even though it was just a game with no real consequences!!! It messed with my head big time.

As for the action sequences, a.k.a. shooting sections, I found it really easy to maneuver the controller to aim and fire quickly. That’s surprising for me because normally it’s usually the weakest area of my gaming skills. But Walking Dead’s Game play made it easy for me to play confidently without worrying John would heckle me…because he didn’t have to as much for this game. In fact, I didn’t have to throw the controller at him. It was a huge victory.

WARNING: Video Producer Perspective/Analysis/Love Fest Ahead

The number one reason I absolutely loved this game though is because it actually made me cry. I mean sobbing emotionally at the end kind of crying. I won’t spoil it and tell you why, but the ending is incredibly powerful and kudos to Telltale Games for creating such a fantastic storyline with incredibly rich characters in a game that cause THAT kind of emotion. Seriously, I’m shocked that I played a video game that actually made me cry like that. It’s made me an instant fan of their games and I’m excited to see how they continue to expand their emotional storytelling capabilities.

If you’d played Walking Dead: Season 1 and want to discuss it, please hit me up because I’m STILL thinking about it!!!


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