Pain = Relief : A look into Eastern Medicine practiced in Chicago

By Ally Clark, Katie Rosebrock, and Luz Garcia Cubillos

SLIDESHOW: Watch a photo slide show about the cupping technique

William Wright has been coming to see Kent Young, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who practices in Chicago’s Chinatown, off and on for nine years. Wright was originally referred to Young by his Tai-Chi instructor after suffering a knee injury.

Located at 2400 S. Wentworth St., Chicago. It opens at 9 am. (Photo by Katie Rosebrock)

Wright said he had been taking the prescription drug Celebrex for over two years before coming to see Young for acupuncture. After one session with Young, Wright was able to stop taking the drug, and hasn’t needed it since. He also has dislocated both shoulders, the right one was treated with Western medicine and the left one with Eastern medicine. Wright says his right shoulder still gives him trouble sometimes, but his left shoulder is “back to normal.”

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