Repurposing Content

One of the more convenient aspects about news moving towards the Internet is that it allows the web surfer to consume both print and broadcast at the same time.

Twenty years ago the constant battle in news had always been which medium is better, print or broadcast.   Print gave the reader more depth to a story, while broadcast allowed the viewer to make an emotional connection.  The Internet incorporates both and enhances news consumption.  But not without repurposing the material from both mediums to create “a cohesive whole.”

Chapter 5, “From Broadcast to Internet: Repurposing,” discusses how TV News stations converting their packaged stories and VOSOTS/VOs into print-friendly stories on the Internet, while publications are doing the inverse.  For instance, ABC Chicago includes print versions with the news packages featured online.  While the Chicago Tribune has a section dedicated to video called Chicago Tribune Video.

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